Climbing prices Highpark

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Climbing prices

The price is for up to 3 hours of climbing, including instruction and climbing equipment rental.
In addition, gloves may be required, which are nice to have when climbing in HighPark Sønderjylland.
You are welcome to bring gloves from home, or buy them from us for 30 DKK per pair.

Most people can climb all our courses and cable cars in about 2.5 hours.
We start our instruction every full hour.
Book a place via our booking system.
REMEMBER to show up at least 15 minutes before the booked time.

Season tickets

If you enjoy climbing in HighPark, you can upgrade your day ticket to a season pass before you leave the park.
The cost of upgrading your day ticket to a season ticket is as follows:

  • Children 6 – 9 years (min. 120 cm) 225 kr.
  • Junior 10 – 13 years 350 kr.
  • adults 14 years – 425 kr.

I.e. the price of your season ticket will be: day ticket + the listed upgrade price.
Now you can come back for the rest of the season as much as you like.

The season pass is valid for climbing during all our opening days until week 42.

Read more about season tickets here

Child 6-9 year (Hight min. 120 cm)
Junior 10 - 13 year
Adult 14 year -
150,00 Dkr.
225,00 Dkr.
275,00 Dkr.
Price online booking
125,00 Dkr.
200,00 Dkr.
250,00 Dkr.

Udenfor vores normale åbningstider

Er i min. 10 personer (voksne/junior) åbner vi gerne udenfor vores normale åbningstid. Er I færre end 10 personer, så kontakt os gerne for at høre om vi er i parken den ønskede dag.
Vær også opmærksom på at der kan være andre i parken end jer når I kommer.

Hvis I har en stor gruppe, kan I leje hele parken – kontakt os på
eller 74 69 89 27 for nærmere info.

Alle anførte priser er inkl. moms

Please read our guidelines before your booking.