Safety in Highpark

Our safety on the climbing courses is top

Safety is an important factor

We value safety very highly at HighPark Sønderjylland. All our instructors have undergone our in-house instructor training. Security on the courts is also top notch, we use the renowned Coudou Pro security system . In addition, our tracks are approved twice a year by Force Tecnology.
At the start of the course you are connected to the safety harness and you cannot get off the safety harness again until you have completed the entire course – nothing is left to chance.

All guests will be provided with a climbing harness, climbing helmet, safety carabineer and a roller used on the cableways before the start.
In addition, it will be possible to purchase gloves for use on the course.
You can also bring gloves from home.

Before you go out on the courts, you must undergo a short safety course with an instructor.
Here you will be instructed in the use of the climbing harness, the safety carabineer and the safety system on the courses.

Once you have shown the instructor that you have understood the instructions and are able to use the equipment correctly, the instructor will send you safely to the top of the trees.

All guests at HighPark Sønderjylland must sign that they have read our safety rules before using the climbing courses.
You have the option to print out and fill in the form before you arrive.
Read and print it here!