hanging shelter

Come to Genner Hoel and try an overnight stay in the Nest

Hanging Shelter – Genner Hoel

On 3 July 2020, we inaugurated our hanging shelter, which was named the Nest on the same occasion.
This made it possible to spend the night right under the tree canopy in HighPark South Jutland.
The ripple of the stream and the rustle of the leaves in the twilight will make you completely relax and be in tune with nature.
It is a very special and unique experience where you sleep in a completely amazing work of art, which in 2021 received the “Architecture Award” as well as “Citizen’s Favorite” in Aabenraa municipality.
We are incredibly proud of the project, which was developed in collaboration with Tegnestuen Stedse and several other local companies.
You should consider it as an overnight stay in the open air, so remember to bring your own sleeping bag and a quilt/possibly a sheet that you can have under you.
(Blankets work best though) – it’s also nice to have a pillow.
There is a mattress in the Nest, so you’ll be really comfortable.
In addition, you should bring what else you need for a cosy night in the treetops.
Toilet and shower are less than 75 metres from the Reden.
You can arrive between 15:00 and 17:00, or by appointment, and you must be out by 11:00 the following day.
Please check in at HighPark when you arrive and we will make sure you are well received.
The price for rent per night starts at 700 DKK.
There must be max.
4 people (2 adults and 2 children under teenage) in the Nest, and a max.
kilo load of 350 kr. including your brought luggage.
There is an option to purchase a breakfast package, which consists of bread, butter, cheese, jam, cold cuts, apple/orange juice and coffee or tea.
The breakfast pack is ordered with your booking and enjoyed in our barbecue hut, which is close by.
You are of course also welcome to bring your own breakfast.
If you wish to visit the Pancake House during your stay, we recommend that you book a table online at www.pandekagehuset.dk – here you can also see when the Pancake House is open.
The nest can be rented from around 10 May until around 15 May. September
You can book “Reden” via Destination Sønderjylland – click the link below and get the opportunity to book your unique overnight stay in the trees on the desired date.
It is not possible to buy gift vouchers for accommodation in the Nest.